Old Barn

An old barn on Highway 70 between Greensboro and Whitsett. This is my alternate route to work when traffic is bad on the interstate, and I'm always struck by the decaying beauty of this structure. Sometimes I think it is a metaphor for a vanishing way of life.


bitingmidge said...

Great shot! I hope you come back for a fantastic 2009!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Catherine said...

Beautiful capture~I love old barns!And a beautiful way you choose to look at it, never thought about it like that, true it is decaying~yet so beautiful...like you said a metaphor for a vanishing way of life~beautiful!

tapirgal said...

This is truly striking. You got it in excellent lighting, too.

Andy said...

Where is this barn located. I've got some clients of mine who has old cars and this would be the perfect place to take photos of them